Golden Visa Greece Program Steps:

Step 1. Choose Your Property 

Our agents will help you to select the property you’d like to invest in. You can choose various features to invest in so long as the added value thereof is equal to or above the minimum investment amount (€250,000 or €500,000 depending on the location).

Step 2. Follow Legal Steps

This step can be completed by obtaining a Greek Non-Resident Tax number and opening a Greek bank account. And as an optional step, you can have the execution of power of attorney.

Step 3. Acquire the Property

This step consists of executing the ‘Legal Due Diligence’ of the property by a lawyer on your behalf. After which, you’ll need to acquire the promissory sale and purchase agreement and the execution of a public deed.

Step 4. Start Your Application

To get through this step, you’ll need to prepare all the required documents regarding the Golden Visa application. Usually, hiring a lawyer is a smart idea because this might be overwhelming.

Step 5. Get Your Greece Golden Visa Approval

The Greek authorities will have to make this step (approve your Golden Visa application) and then you will be issued a Golden Visa Residence Card